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Over the years the Nassau County Westling Coaches Association in conjunction with New York State's Section Eight Athletic Council (Nassau County) has modified and remodified the nomenclature of various post-season events.
The official designation of the New York State Championships (The States) has been the New York State Intersectional Wrestling Championships.
The "County" champions, placewinners and MVP designations are, in fact, NYS Section VIII champions, placewinners and MVPs. "Most Valuable Player" designations are and have been used interchangably with "Most Outstanding Wrestler" designations.
In similar manner, the "Division" designation has been from time to time used interchangably with "League" and "Conference" designations when used in reference to the achievements of individual wrestlers in post-season action since 1986, when Qualifying tournaments replaced League tournaments for the purpose of advancing individual wrestlers to the County (Sectional) tournament.
In Section VIII, dual match team competition exists in predesignated Leagues, which at times in the past were refered to as Divisions. Nassau County also has post-season Dual Match Playoff competition in which dual match teams may compete for dual match Conference honors.

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